We are the Fontan Family and we live in Texas, USA.

My name is Guillermo Fontan, I have worked as an Engineer in different positions during 14 years such as Industrial Engineering, Project Engineering, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement, Quality Assurance and Customer Service.

My wife is Itzel and she has worked before in different roles and companies doing Customer Service, Human Resources and Accounting.

We have one child whose name is Diego and he loves watching Mommy and Daddy making belts.

I have always loved wearing leather (belts and accessories) but I realized that several of the products offered out there would break or get unusable after few months. So I was decided to start making belts that were durable, gorgeous and that got better with the time instead of worst!.

To achieve this hard task we devoted several years just to study the leather, test different products and techniques that today is allowing us to deliver excellent and amazing products to you.

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